James Morrison RSA, RSW

Born in Glasgow in 1932. Studied at GSA 1950-4. Joined staff at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, Dundee in 1965 when he also settled in Montrose. Left Dundee College in 1987 to paint full-time since when his work has been exclusively available through The Scottish Gallery. Whole-heartedly a landscape painter, his main working areas are the lush, highly-managed farmland around his home in Angus and the rugged wildness of west coast Assynt.

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Born: 1932
Place of Birth: Glasgow
Winter Dawn
Winter Dawn
oil on board
W:152cm H:50cm
Winter Dawn 9..xii.2013 oil on board W:152cm H:50cm 7750 Arkle, 15.x.1999 1999 oil on board W:44cm H:34cm 4,500 Sold Denhead Farm II 1963 oil on board W:91.5cm H:33cm 4500 Winter Hedgerow 15.i.2015 oil on board W:67cm H:50cm 5,950 Rocks - Loch na Keal 27.v.2012 oil on board W:102cm H:32cm 5,950 Northwards (Sketch) 9.2010 oil on board W:152cm H:34.5cm 6,750 Maryton 3.x.2014 oil on board W:102cm H:69cm 7,250 East Newton I 3.xii.2012 oil on board W:102cm H:30cm 5,950 Cononsyth 27.iii.2013 oil on board W:76cm H:52cm 6,250 Trees at Balgove 12.x.2014 oil on board W:101cm H:74cm 7,500 Westerly 12.ix.2011 oil on board W:152cm H:100cm 12,500 Approaching Rain, Ulva Ferry 27.v.2011 oil on board W:101cm H:75cm 7,500 Strathella 15.iii.2014 oil on board W:103cm H:65cm 7250 Tayock 29.viii.2014 oil on board W:100cm H:74cm 7500 Sold Ulva 8.x.2013 oil on board W:147.5cm H:28.5cm 6,250 Tree and Sea 3.vii.2014 oil on board W:77cm H:21cm 5,000 Loch Broom 8.i.2011 oil on board W:103cm H:32cm 5750 - reserved End of Winter 7.i.2012 oil on board W:84cm H:31cm 5500 Snow to the North 2013 oil on board W:49cm H:18cm 3950 - reserved Storm Clouds 2013 oil on board W:18cm H:14.5cm 2500 Sold Mull 16.vi.2012 oil on board W:103cm H:76cm 7500 Meditation on Nether Dysart V 12.ii.2014 oil on board W:154cm H:15cm 5250 Strathella, 1.v.2013 oil on board W:154cm H:93cm 12,500 High Tide 2013 oil on board W:45cm H:24cm 3,750 Sold Landscape Remembered 8.xii.2010 oil on board W:85cm H:35cm 5,500 Two Lamps 1958 oil on board W:69cm H:91cm 4850 Summer Fields, Balgove, 16.vii.1987 oil on gesso board W:114cm H:80cm 9,500 Blue Day, 7.iv.1999 oil on board W:40cm H:30cm 3,500 Sea Loch, 11.xi.2006 oil on board W:50cm H:34.5cm 4,750 Farm and Sea, 20.i.2011 oil on board W:61cm H:30cm 5,250 From Pilatus I, 21.x.2012 oil on board W:102cm H:37cm 6,250 Alps, 6.x.2012 oil on board W:102cm H:37cm 6,250 Summer Isles, Calm Day, 9.xii.2004 oil on board W:117cm H:53cm 8,250 Summer - Rhum and Eigg I, 23.v.2012 oil on board W:102cm H:70cm 7,250 Cononsyth, ix.2008 oil on board W:110cm H:76cm 8,250 Rhum and Eigg from Morar, 17.v.2009 oil on board W:152cm H:96cm 12,500 Western Space, 18.v.2009 oil on board W:152cm H:101cm 12,500 Cononsyth, 5.ii.2010 oil on canvas W:188cm H:132cm 18,000 Pastoral, 19.iv.2012 oil on board W:102cm H:38cm 6,250 Calgary, 16.v.2012 oil on board W:102cm H:76cm 7,500 Sky Study, Morar, 20.v.2009 oil on board W:152cm H:101cm 12,500 Summer - Rhum and Eigg II 31.v.2012 oil on board W:102cm H:70cm 7,250 The Loney 8.iii.2012 oil on board W:86cm H:30cm 5,250 Winter Light 17.i.2011 oil on board W:109cm H:35cm 6,250 The Loney (i) 9.xi.2010 oil on board W:108cm H:35cm 6750 Birch Tree 2011 Oil on board W:44cm H:76cm 6,500 Paris in Winter 1992 portfolio of 12 offset lithographs edition of 200 W:42cm H:30cm 99 Loch More, 2005 2005 Oil on board W:63cm H:38cm 5,950 Rain over Eigg, 27.v.2009 2009 Oil on board W:152cm H:86cm 11,500 Pentland, 7.vi.2008 Oil on board W:152cm H:86cm 11,500 Blue Day, Skye, 10.v.2009 Oil on board W:152cm H:82cm 11,500 Parkhill 26 ix 2007 Oil on board W:101cm H:75cm 7,950 Kyle of Tongue, 15 vi 2008 Oil on board W:152cm H:101cm 12,500