To the Letter

03 Sep 2014 - 01 Oct 2014

We have brought together artists from past and present including senior and emerging talent. The exhibition includes a variety of media which includes paper, silver, stone, lighting, ceramics and glass.  All the work examines the artists’ individual approach to setting letters, and the power of words when transcended from the page.

  • Malcolm Appleby
  • Gary Breeze
  • Gus Fisher
  • Peter Furlonger
  • Ian Hamilton Finlay (1925 – 2006)
  • Miriam Hanid
  • Richard Kindersley
  • William Kirk (1933 – 2009)
  • Angie Lewin
  • Michael Lloyd
  • Kate Scott
  • Graham Stewart
  • Karen Marion Wallace
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Alphabet Lettercut Slate
Alphabet Lettercut Slate
W:15.3cm H:15.3cm D:2.1cm
Photograph: Shannon Tofts
Alphabet Lettercut Slate William Kirk c.2004 Slate W:15.3cm H:15.3cm D:2.1cm 950 Shannon Tofts The Castle Gary Breeze 2013 Reclaimed Hopton wood, Derbyshire limestone W:36cm H:85cm L:2cm 4800 The Cube Gus Fisher 2014 Black Kilkenny limestone W:85cm H:85cm L:85cm 3500 - reserved It is Only (The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint Exupery) Richard Kindersley 2003 W:34.5cm H:78.5cm L:3cm 4100 Square Spiral Richard Kindersley 2013 Quotation is from Bhagavad Gita Caithness Flagstone W:73.5cm H:135cm L:3.5cm 8600 Curlew Bowl Graham Stewart 2014 Engraved silver W:19.5cm H:10cm D:19.5cm 7500 Swallow Bowl, 2014 Graham Stewart 2014 Engraved silver W:19.5 diametercm H:10cm 7500 Alphabet Beakers Kate Scott 2014 Stoneware, set of 26 beakers various sizes 650 Sold To the Sea Kate Scott 2014 Stoneware with incised slip, text by Philip Larkin W:48cm D:48cm 520 The Golden Tree of Actual Life Peter Furlonger 2009 transparent green cased studio glass, hand engraved W:42 diametercm 2500 Twisting Bowl Miriam Hanid 2013 Sterling silver, blue topaz, hand forged, engraved and carved W:10cm H:10cm L:2cm 1900 Shoreline Angie Lewin 2014 screenprint, edition of 150 W:56cm H:72.5cm 520 framed £345 unframed Wonderland Karen Marion Wallace 2014 hand engraving on Britannia silver with gilt interior beaker made by Kate Earlham W:6.1cm H:7.9cm 2995 Umbra Solis Ian Hamilton Finlay 1975 silkscreen W:75cm H:37cm 325 Dzaezl (edition of 3) Ian Hamilton Finlay 1990 engraved glass & wood W:57cm H:47cm L:16cm 6600 ‘Ille terrarum mihi praeter omnes angulus ridet’ Michael Lloyd 2014 Hammered and chased silver with gilt interior W:11.5cm H:6cm D:11.5cm 3500 ‘May Contain Nuts’ Malcolm Appleby 2014 W:17cm H:4cm D:13cm Price on Application