Fifty: A Celebratory Exhibition

Anne Redpath

03 Jul 2015 - 01 Aug 2015

Redpath was the pivotal figure in the group of painters now referred to as The Edinburgh School, which included artists such as Sir William Gillies, Sir Robin Philipson and Sir William MacTaggart.

She was an inspirational person and formed many enduring friendships throughout her life. Her flat in London Street became an artistic salon, immortalised by Philipson’s affectionate group portrait now in collection of The Scottish National Portrait Gallery. She was the first ever female painter to be elected a member of The Royal Scottish Academy, which she was awarded in 1952.

Like most of the Edinburgh School painters she divided her output between oil and working on paper, valuing each the same. Latterly in her flowers, townscapes and church interiors her treatment of the canvas became more abstract as she abandoned traditional spatial composition. Her technique developed also, employing the palette knife as much as the brush and using rich and brilliant colour. Since her death in 1965 her reputation has been further enhanced with retrospectives including an exhibition at The Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art in 1996.

This exhibition features early Italian works from her travelling scholarship in 1919, as well as later works from France, Portugal, Scotland and the Canary Islands. Redpath is considered one of the great figures in 20th Century Scottish Painting and we are delighted to be celebrating this significant anniversary with a large presentation of her work.

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Flowers in a French Jug
Flowers in a French Jug
oil on board
W:51cm H:61cm
Price on Application
Flowers in a French Jug Anne Redpath c.1950 oil on board W:51cm H:61cm Price on Application Study for Madonna of the Magnificat by Botticelli Anne Redpath 1919 watercolour & gouache on board W:35cm H:41cm 7,500 Sold Study for The Childhood of St. Genevieve by Pierre de Chavannes Anne Redpath c.1919 watercolour & gouache W:26cm H:53.5cm 3,250 Street in Menton Anne Redpath c.1949 gouache W:45.5cm H:37cm 17,500 Schoolgirl with a White Blouse Anne Redpath c.1950 pastel W:34cm H:45cm 3800 Spring Trees Anne Redpath c.1939 Gouache W:48cm H:35cm 7500 The Angel Gabriel from the Chapel of St Jean, Treboul Anne Redpath 1953 gouache on paper W:27.50cm H:36.25cm 7500 Distant Hill Anne Redpath c.1939 Gouache W:57.5cm H:50.5cm 5250 Sold Anemones Anne Redpath c.1962 oil on panel W:51cm H:38cm Price on Application White Geraniums Anne Redpath 1962 oil on board W:61cm H:51cm Price on Application Sold St John the Baptist, Brittany Anne Redpath 1953 watercolour W:33cm H:24cm 2,850 Sold Boats at Concarneau Anne Redpath c.1953 oil on canvas W:76cm H:51cm Price on Application Church Interior with Font Anne Redpath c.1955 oil on board W:51cm H:61cm 27,500 Dish of Fruit Anne Redpath 1958 lithograph, edition of 75 W:43.5cm H:26cm 750 Sold Blue Lithograph Anne Redpath 1957 lithograph, edition of 50 W:64.5cm H:42.5cm 700 Sold Corsican Village Anne Redpath 1957 lithograph, edition of 70 W:32.5cm H:24cm 550 - Reserved Fishing Boats, Ireland Anne Redpath c.1952 watercolour W:36.5cm H:24.5cm 2,850 Requena Anne Redpath 1951 oil on board W:61cm H:51cm 38,000 Pittenweem Anne Redpath 1952 watercolour W:61cm H:51cm 16,000 Sold Still Life with Chyrsanthemums, Venice Anne Redpath c.1963 oil on canvas W:76cm H:76cm 55,000 - Reserved Jug of Flowers Anne Redpath c.1956 oil on board W:38cm H:47cm 25,000 Still Life with Flowers Anne Redpath c.1962 - Reserved oil on board W:91cm H:61cm 55,000 Still Life with Jug Anne Redpath c.1958 gouache W:40cm H:30cm 2,750 Sold Canaries Hillside with Palm Trees and Houses Anne Redpath c.1960 gouache W:34cm H:24cm 14,500 Boats on the Shore, Canary Islands Anne Redpath c.1960 oil on board W:61cm H:51cm 45,000 Canaries Anne Redpath c.1960 oil on board W:45cm H:36cm 42,500 Haystacks Anne Redpath gouache W:45cm H:38.50cm 3250 Wild Flowers on a Bank Anne Redpath c.1962 oil on canvas W:91.5cm H:71cm 38,000 Sold Still Life with White Rhododendrons Anne Redpath c.1955 oil on panel W:33.5cm H:46cm 32,500 Sold The White Azalea Anne Redpath c.1963 oil on canvas W:61cm H:51cm 35,000