Light on the Landscape

Victoria Crowe

05 Oct 2016 - 29 Oct 2016

Victoria Crowe locates much of this new body of work in the transitory moments between light and dark, in the dusky palette of half light when colour is transformed, intensified by the diminishing light. Her dusk is a metaphor for stillness and with the pause it creates, we wonder: shall we step on into the unfamiliar or retreat to the comfort of our firesides? As the hour turns so does the day and the season so that our contemplation must turn to joy and loss, to life and death.

Crowe carried these preoccupations from her home and studio in West Linton to a residency at Dumfries House. She was the guest of the Royal Drawing School, who administer the spaces and whose patron HRH Prince Charles took an intense interest in her response to a place so dear to his heart. She walked the grounds at dusk, contemplated the trees through moonlight and experienced the turning of the seasons. She occupied one of four purpose-built studios firstly in February and then again in early April and was able to revisit her subject in the changed angles of light brought by spring.



Winter Sun, Thaw
Winter Sun, Thaw
mixed media
W:76cm H:56cm
£7500 - reserved